Building Process

“From Dreams to Reality”

Building your dream home.










Deciding where to start is the most important key to building your log home. To

have a quality finished product, you need quality service and quality products.

Our experienced staff will help guide you in each step to complete your log home.


One of the most important features of your log home will be its setting.

Find a suitable lot for your log home. Then, you may choose one of our popular
plans from this plan book, or have Log Craft’s in-house design department
draw a custom blueprint that takes advantage of your building lot’s unique characteristics.
We recommend all log homes be drawn by a designer with experience
in log home construction and design. Whether you have Log Craft design
your home or you supply your own blueprints, having a set of professional blueprints
will help simplify the construction process. We also recommend that all
plans be engineered for local codes and conditions.


After choosing a design, you will receive an estimate of your log home package
costs. You will have your choice of the Log & Timber Package or the Extended
Package. The Log & Timber Package includes only the log walls and timbers
needed for your project. The extended package includes the materials necessary
to dry-in your home. The Extended Package includes: 1×6 and 2×6 T&G, log
home sealants, fasteners, architectural shingles, framing lumber, doors, windows,


A typical milled log package can take as little as three to six weeks to deliver
once it has been ordered. A typical handcrafted package can take any where
from six weeks to six months or longer depending on the complexity of the
home. Early ordering allows us the time needed to arrange production scheduling.
It is typically ideal to acquire your building permits and have your foundation
installed while we produce your log package.


Log Craft will provide the equipment needed to unload your
log package. Please make sure a 48 foot semi-truck and trailer
will be able to access your site. If not, you may need to off-load at
a more accessible location, then haul the materials to the job site
in smaller loads.


Log Craft log homes are simple to erect; many families choose
to build their own. With logs that are precision milled to a uniform
size, the log package can be assembled quickly and easily.
However, if you are short on time, or don’t possess the building
flair, a reputable contractor in your region can build your
home. Log Craft Log Homes does offer construction with an in-house licensed
contractor, and may also have recommended contractors for your area.

Remember,when comparing contractor pricing, the lowest bid is not always
the best choice. To maintain the highest quality, check the references
of any contractor you may consider.


Maintenance is a vital design element. Long roof overhangs and
covered porches are some the best ways to protect your log home
investment. Keep your log home in pristine condition by using
the best log home maintenance products available. With proper maintenance,
your log home should long surpass the life span of the average
stick framed home. Maintenance is the key to ensure that
your log home will be a treasure for future generations.

If you would like more information on the how you can build your dream give us a call or use our contact form.